- Starters-

Mortal Nachos                               85:-

Cheese, Jalapenos

2 dips: Gucamole & Salsa

Quesadillas                                 65:-

All Burgers & Meat are served with fries.

Burgers are 100% beef.

All Mayo is homemade 

Meatboy Steak                              225:-

200g Entrecote,

BBQ & Bearnaise sause, Sallad

Excuse me Princess Burger                  145:-

150g Burger,Pepper Jack Cheese,

Pickled Onions,Lettuce,


King Koopa Burger                          155:-

150g Burger,Gucamole,Cheddar,

Pickled Onions,Lettuce,

Tomatoes,Ketchup,Coriander Mayo

Borderlands Burger                         155:-

150g Burger,Bacon,Pepper Jack Cheese,

Pickled Onions,Lettuce,

Tomatoes,Jalapenos,Ketchup,Chilli Mayo

Aluard Special Burger                      165:-

150g Burger,Bacon.Oaksmoked Cheese,

Cheddar,Pickled Onions,Lettuce,


Sonic Ring Burger                          179:-

150g Burger,Bacon,Cheddar,Lettuce

Pickled Onions,Tomatoes,

Ketchup,Onion Rings,Garlic Mayo

Toads Revenge Burger                       199:-

150g Burger,Bacon,Cheddar,

Silver Onions,Chantarelles,Lettuce,

Tomatoes,Ketchup,Truffle Mayo 

The Fallout Burger                         299:-

Caution!! Extremly Hot!!

300g Burger,Bacon,Cheddar,Lettuce,

Pickled Onions,Tomatoes,

6.000.000 scoville Heat Sauce

Holy Cheesus (Lacto Vego)                  145:-

100g Halloumi,Tomatoes,

Pickled Onions,Lettuce,

Lime/Ginger Mayo

Vegan Warrior Wrap (Vegan)                 145:-

125g Pulled Oumph,Cucumber,

Pickled Onions,Lettuce,Tomatoes,Corn

Red Pepper,Parsley Soygurt Sauce 

- Mains-

- Sides-

Tutorial Fries                              59:-

French Fries with ketchup & Bearnaise

Final Fries                                 85:-

Animal Styled Fries

Chilli Cheese                               29:-

4 Pieces

Chicken Nuggets                             29:-

4 Pieces

Onion Rings                                 29:-

4 Pieces

Mozzarella Sticks                           29:-

4 Pieces

Combo Plate                                139:-

5x Chilli Cheese,5x Onion Rings

5x Moxarella Sticks,5x Chicken Nuggets

Dips                                        15:-

Salsa,Gucamole,Cheddar Cheese,Bearnaise,

Chilli Mayo,Truffle Mayo,Garlic Mayo

- Dessert -

Icecream Climber                            45:-

Bowl of Vanilla Icream & Fruit Syrup